October 7, 2015


I bet you cannot even believe it! I am actually trying to juggle this new mom life of 2 babies, school and this blog which I love so much and never find the time to update. I must be coming down with the FLU or something! LOL! Thankfully, little Mia has been a sweet pea today and slept until 10 and my new babe whom will have a post of his own soon is also such a HAM! I hope this isn’t just new baby luck…#WINNING today!…. so far! Let’s not jinx it!
If you already caught my post previously you may have read about the amazing venture I found called Influenster. You can head over to or follow them on Instagram @influenster and see all the details along with my post of earlier featuring another fun product 😉 ! Let me start by saying this product I will be discussing was also sent FREE!! for testing purposes so believe me when I say you need to RUN over to their site and sign up. It cannot be any easier and trust me you’re going to love it. As a stay at home mom and mom of 2 under 2 it’s always hectic to try to stay on top of new products and Influenster helps you do that with ease and FREEEEE!
OKAY OKAY! DRUMROLL…. All my mommy followers are going to love this one!


Let me start by saying… HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE ARE THESE?! so I guess it’s obvi the designs got EVEN cuter! We have been Pampers fans since little Mia was born. I was one of those crazies who always wanted to best of the best for my baby so I tried everything out with Mia not just because we spoiled her being as though she was our first but, because I HAD NO CLUE what to do as a first time mom. Many of our favorite products have turned up from a trial and error process and Pampers has never let us down. It is still what we use today with her. WHY?

Well heres two reasons that make or break a diaper deal for me:

1. NO LEAKS- I CANNOT stress enough what a major factor this is for us. Having your baby wake upset because their bed is wet is no fun and then trying to get them to go back to sleep. You just don’t want that situation. TRUST ME! These new Cruisers have Extra Absorb Channels which help to prevent that sag we see in some diapers when they get heavy.
2. TEXTURE- Pampers swaddlers was the first one we tried and our hospital actually uses these and we couldn’t believe how good the fit and feel were on these bad boys compared to a generic brand we had stashed in my baby bag.As Mia got bigger we switched over to the Cruisers and have not been disappointed. So, I had high expectations for these all New Cruisers! And…. I was ECSTATIC and can TRUTHFULLY vouch this product is just as good as the previous and BETTER. We already were hooked on the original cruisers and these new ones passed the night test.
What’s the night test?
Hubby is the spoiler of our little princess and I am the enforcer. Mia has always slept in her crib by herself in her own room and the paci was removed when she turned one along with no more bottles and sippy cups were introduced. Well the bottle idea went down the drain when Hubby decided she was “still so cute and such a baby” and should have milk at night -__- Now Mia is hooked and this means HEAVY diapers in the AM!
THE POINT: The NEW CRUISERS live up to the #SAGTOSWAG HYPE. NO LEAKS! You have to try it for yourself and PLEASEEEEE head over to influester and SIGN UP! ITS TOTALLY FREE and no I am not getting paid for any of this. Just a mommy suggestion <3
Until  we meet again,
September 10, 2015


I know it has been ages since I have updated the blog but, I have to get to it and what better way then introducing some products and reviews for some inspiration. Let me start by saying if you aren’t familiar with you need to RUN to your computer or smartphone and sign up! It’s easy as 1..2..3! and FREE… YES! FREE. Okay, so what is it? Basically, you take surveys every now and then and the company matches you with products that are related to your interests and sends you a box filled with products for FREE to try and review. Sounds too good to be true, right? I KNOW! I was skeptical at first too but, after my first box I was hooked and I’ve been lucky enough to be sent two boxes so far and I am so excited for what’s to come from the company. It is truly an amazing opportunity and allows you to become familiar with new products before having to dish out the money and possibly not enjoying them.


If you haven’t guessed from the picture above first company and product under review is TASTYKAKE minis… umm can you say YUMMM! And let me start by saying I didn’t even know such great food products were part of Influenster. When this box arrived at my door… hubby was so excited to see the label and said ” YOU ORDERED CUPCAKES?!” and I literally died because I spend half the day telling him I shouldn’t be eating sweets while I am pregnant but, who am I kidding!? THESE ARE AMAZING! Another great perk was that not only did it bring a pack of cupcakes…. it brought 8 PACKS OF 3! 24 CUPCAKES! You can already guess that both hubby and Mia were ecstatic!

Our mini win celebration is obviously for baby brothers arrival this week :O! AM I READY FOR THE CHAOS?! NO! LOL! But, a party is still in order! and what better way then with tastykake cupcakes! Our new go to!
The cupcakes I received are called ” Swirly Cupcakes” and are basically chocolate made with HERSHEY’S COCOA with creme filling and icing ugh.. my mouth is watering just at the thought. These are definitely added to our shopping list up on the fridge for this weekend! SO! Not only are you getting my stamp of approval but 20 month old Mia is a total fan and hubby is completely converted for these bad boys! LOL. Influenster was also nice enough to include 2 coupons for $1 off each so if you are interested please leave a comment below or on the instagram post so I can get them out to you lovely followers <3! Everyone needs to try these out! Make sure to check them out via Facebook & instagram 😀 show them some love!


February 8, 2015


Good morning mommas!

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus after I promised to stay fully committed to my blog…but, some changes are going on in our family to say the least! If you can’t guess already well… Little Mia is going to be a BIG sister! I can’t even believe it myself I feel like I’m in pure denial mode right now. If it weren’t for the constant nausea I wouldn’t believe it at all. But, yes it is true. We found out a few weeks ago around the time I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really jump on the idea of being pregnant because after having my daughter that time of the month wasn’t always so punctual. And yes along with the shock I am terrified and happy all at the same time. The idea of having two babies under two just really FREAKS me out. My husband is ecstatic ! LOL I guess thats because he won’t be the one putting on the weight or home 24/7 with babies running around. Just before the baby news came along I had just finished enrolling back in school for my masters degree so I am really hoping I can take care of a toddler who thinks she’s already two, be pregnant, go to school and keep it all together. And because I love a QUICK DIY and photoshoot we decided to incorporate them into our baby announcement…


Because it was right around the end of Jan and beginning of Feb we decided on a Valentine themed shoot to give me enough time to visit the doctor and confirm everything before sending out the cards to our family. So, we constructed a quick 30 min build of a kissing booth for Mia to pose with.
Materials: The bottom crate I found at Michaels and used a 50 percent off I believe it was around $5-$7
The two sticks on the side are also from Michaels for about $1 a piece & the white thin wooden board at the stop is also from Michaels for about $2 and we just stapled it side ways.

The red lips and XO sign were from the Target $1 bins and came in a pack of about 20 for just a dollar!
After putting everything together we just painted it with some white left over paint we had and a red paint can from when my husband lived on his own and had a grey and red painted room. (LOL)
If you are familiar with our DIY holiday card you already know how much I love the Minted quality and ease of creating all sorts of cards for every occasion.



December 5, 2014


Good morning!
Another morning of which I have some time to put together a little something for you ladies and possibly for your little girls. [Sorry mommas I haven’t been blessed with a little boy yet but, if it happens you already know to expect a bunch of baby spam ootd featuring boy outfits!] We’re working on it! 😉
If you read this weeks post you make have seen how we DIY’d our Christmas Cards this year. We were under a bit of a time crunch but, make sure to check it out it’s super EASY and will look like a professional actually help you put it together! And the DIY is very versatile for any occasion.

As for our outfits here you go! Simplicity is my speciality most of the time. I’m sure you moms understand me when I say that it feels like there is virtually no time in the day to think about outfit planning but, I promise you a few simple pieces can make a difference and help you feel like the glamorous super mom that you are!

7981655_orig 269152_orig 4940277_orig

TOP: f21 white flowy tank
with faux fur vest from Target
Bottoms: Aeropostale boyfriend jeans
Shoes: Tory Burch Flats
Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull
And of course you know I can’t forget my little babe!
TOP: faux fur vest from Target
Cherokee Dress from Target
Bottom: Cherokee jeans from Target
Boots: Target
As you can see we are BIG possibly, HUGE fans of Target! There is NO WAY to walk into that store and leave with nothing! I’ve tried! REAL HARD!
with love XO- MBG!
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December 1, 2014



I am quite ecstatic to say  that my little girl has been on her best behavior for me this week and is actually letting me get all my thoughts and ideas out in the open. Now, because our lives are USUALLY hectic and not this serene LOL we hardly ever have time to do the things we really want to do. That being said we just have settled into our new home and there is still 100 projects lurking and my hubby is always working so hectic is our norm. But, we knew we had to make time to at least get a family photo in! In our past trials we had a photographer whom we would have photograph our daughter but, it was always an issue or scheduling and missing our daughters important milestones because our photographer was either too busy or we just couldn’t catch up to their schedule. SOOOO… My husband and I took it upon ourselves to do a little DIY and we have had our T3i camera just sitting around and really I think it is because we are a little overwhelmed with knowing how to use it and not look like fools.

Well, fools or not we picked up our T3i and headed off to the park on a Sunday morning and got as spiffy as we could in an hour and off we went!

What we brought along:

  • throw blanket
  • ornaments
  • a tripod
  • the camera
  • and OURSELVES 😀

THE GOOD PART: This is how one of our photos turned out!


As you can see our little Mia wasn’t too fond of looking at the camera so we did a little improv! And these are a few more we ended up with…

And finally,
This is what we chose because we are cheesy like that and full of love!
So, after we got the tripod situated and tested a few shots and went and uploaded our picture onto and played around with a few designs. If you still haven’t done your cards take a look at their site… right now they have a 15% plus free addressing onto the envelopes using code JOY15!



November 21, 2014



Two days in row… this is an all time record for me!
I am trying to come up with a routine that works best for little Mia and I that allows me some mommy time to blog and what not. So far so good! If you read yesterday’s post you may have already seen where we took our little girl and our recommendations for fast pass tips and dining… if you didn’t check it out and let me know what you think!
As for today, I thought it would be nice to throw in a few of our outfits from the trip even though it turned out to be a freezing weekend so most of the time we were covered in sweaters and the outfit planning got a bit off track.

Here we go:

M SWAN 1.0

Mia’s shoes: Gold Moccs- Freshly Picked
Mia’s Jeans- Baby gap similar here
Mia’s onesie tank- Baby Gap [no longer available]
Mia’s Sweater- Juicy Couture Velour Navy great deal on ebay here

Mommy’s Outfit:
top: Jcrew a few back – similar here OR look for less here
Jeans- Target similar here
Shoes- Steven Madden [ found @ Nordstrom rack for $40 last month] similar style
Handbag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Medium

M 1.0MIA 1.0 MAGIC

Baby’s OOTD:
TOP: Sofia the 1st tee – Target here  on sale!
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs

TOP: Black & White Plaid -Target
Leggings : VS PINK
Shoes: Matching Nike Roshe Runs




  • Arrive to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party before 4 if you’re willing to stay in the park all day. We went first thing in the morning after breakfast and got all the meet and greets out of the way to then enjoy the shows and parades.
  • Take advantage of the Baby Centers! There is one located in each park and if you download the mydisneyexperience app from my previous post the app contains all the locations of these centers along with other attractions.
  • Pack as light AS POSSIBLE! I know this is difficult with a baby TRUST ME. But, pack the essentials… during high season you will be bumping into everyone or shall I say, crashing into everyone with your stroller 😉
  • and lastly HAVE FUN!

Hope you enjoy our little quick mommy & me outfits!


November 20, 2014

THE BIG 1.0!




So, I initially wrote this post at about 7 this morning and EVERYTHING got deleted. I now understand my fellow bloggers frustrations when this happens. There really is no worse feeling. BUT, the day must go on and so should this post!

For those of you who follow my Instagram @mbgblog you may have already seen snippets of where @miami_dad and I took our little girl for her first birthday. We decided it would be better to spend a week at the happiest place on Earth then throw a birthday party for a day LOL! And I couldn’t be any happier with our decision to visit DISNEY WORLD for a FULL WEEK. It truly was sad to take the 3 hour drive home when it was all said and done though. 🙁


  • Get a package if it works within your budget.

[ Seriously, pick up the phone and call one of those happy cast members because they do truly help you out with great deals most of the time.] I knew a few months ahead Disney World was going to be our destination and as a huge procrastinator I knew I had to get this  planned out accordingly.

  • My Disney Experience App/website- When you book your vacation this app automatically syncs your hotel reservations and then allows you to pre-book 3 fast passes for each day! Literally a LIFE SAVER…considering we traveled during high season and theres only so much you can ride with a 1 year old. — We decided to book the character meet and greets to get some awesome pictures with little to no wait times — ** If you want to meet Anna & Elsa from FROZEN you need to STALK this website because fast passes sell out months in advance for this meet & greet**
  • MAGICBANNNDSSSS- the god sent of disneyworld! No, really! We didn’t have to reach for our wallet the whole week! These bands work as your hotel key, saves your credit card for all your guilty pleasures, & links your dining plan [which I will cover briefly in a second]
  • DINING PLAN- Now, I have read mixed reviews on this but, for us it worked out AMAZINGLY. And when I say AMAZINGLY…well, the pictures speak for themselves [proceed below when you’re ready 😉 ] Our plan was about $80 a day but included 1 table service, 1 quick service & 1 snack for each night of our stay. And it may not sound like much BUT ITS ALOT OF FOOD! **Make sure to make your reservations using the app below! Especially for Character Dining ** HIGHLY RECOMMEND! CLICK HERE for more information.



    • Tusker House @ Animal Kingdom (table service) this was our favorite! TOTALLY WORTH IT! GREAT FOOD!
    • Fast Pass for the Character Meet & Greets- Will save your life!
    • Disney Junior Play N Dine- Hollywood & Vine @ Hollywood Studios (table service- character dining) WORTH IT!
    • Downtown Disney – Wolf Gang Puck Express (quick service)
    • Downtown Disney- Bongos Cuban Cafe SO YUMMMYY! (Table service)
    • 1900 Park Fare @ the Grand Floridian Hotel (table service character dining) AMAZING! Meet Cinderella, her prince along with her step mother and evil stepsisters!

DONT RECOMMEND : Garden Grove @ the Swan Hotel- the food was OKAY and although it is character dining the price is outrageous for the not so good food AND it is NOT included on the dining plan. Overall Poor experience! But, it could be just the night we went.

I hope you found my dining recommendations helpful ! And remember although, I am mom I love to incorporate my love for fashion and beauty so stop by my instagram for a chance to win a TOO FACED COSMETICS CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE GIVEAWAY!


November 11, 2014


Good Morning Mommas!
I know it’s been forever and I kind of lost touch with my commitment to post but, sometimes I get so caught up being a mom that my hobbies get pushed to the side for a bit. This weekend my husband and I were able to catch somewhat of a break and take a trip up to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk and of course, I would forget to snap some shots until the end of the trip LOL. Luckily, it was BEAUTIFUL weather… and I know you might be thinking “It’s Miami it’s always beautiful weather.” Well, not quite… it’s usually HOT AND HUMID when the rest of the world is off experiencing all the beautiful change of seasons. This Sunday it was a shock when the temperature read 65 and I was able to throw on my fall clothes! Otherwise, they sit tucked away in the corner of my closet along with baby Mia’s adorable outfits it’s always too hot to wear 🙁

Top: LC by Lauren Conrad Kohl’s (Last year style) Similar here
Infinity Scarf: F21 similar here
Jeans: Bethany Mota High Rise similar here
Boots: Steven Madden ( scored these at Ross last year for $20) similar here



September 4, 2014


So, today has been an extremely hectic day but, I wanted to get at least a little post in here. My internet was down all day and it’s been super muggy down here in Florida so the photo quality has not been up to par. BUT! Never fear! I wanted to share my littles new favorite go-to-toy this month! My husband and I recently bought our first home so there’s just all sorts of projects going on! ( definitely some posts to come about home DIY) Anywho, an Ikea just opened near by and of course we couldn’t help ourselves and went to pick up a couple of things… AND we cannot EVER leave the store without something for little miss thing. Which brings me to the point of my whole rant 😀 By the time we arrived to the children’s section we were starving but, my husband spotted this wooden toy that brought so many childhood memories!


Seriously, for 8 bucks I couldn’t say no! Just the week before Mia & I arrived to a Gymboree class a little too early and thankfully they had a set up with one just like it and she LOVED it. This was a no-brainer buy for us <3

What are some of your favoritewoodentoys? There’s just something that makes them so cute and special.And extra cute in a kids room


September 1, 2014



I’m Bibi and my little miss thing is Miabella but, my husband and I call her all sorts of nicknames. It feels like forever since I had the idea of getting this blog up and running and just never made the time or had the courage to do it. So here we are! Before Miabella, I was what you would call your typical shopaholic and loved watching youtube tutorials and everything beauty related and had just finished graduating university. Now, as a momma I am a split between anything baby related and still everything beauty and fashion. I only hope that I can create some beautiful relationships with all the mommas and mommy to be’s out there and that I am not the only one experiencing this beautiful journey of juggling my 20’s and being a mom. I hope to share with you all my tips and advice of how things have worked and haven’t worked with me and baby Mia. If only there was some sort of instruction manual attached to these little ones :D! Stay tuned! Feel free to leave me any suggestions, comments or anything really LOL <3 I would love to hear from you.

I also encourage you to visit my new instagram page @babyluxblog where I will be posting all sorts of announcements, giveaways and selling of a few of my little ones precious fasionista items!
xo- b&m