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December 15, 2017

Toddler Gift Guide 2017 Minimalist Approved!

If you are like me, you struggle each year finding things for your little ones on special occasions like Christmas! So here is our Toddler Gift Guide 2017 edition. These are things we picked up this year and we hope you love as much as we do!

1 || The perfect all white kitchen the we have seen all over instagram! Yes, THAT kitchen. It has been a staple in our life for about 3 years now and still gets loved on every single day. I would say this is a must if you don’t already own one!

2 || M&D broom kit– this is one their surprises this year! After we had little man, we had to retire all things girly haha! So that meant donating our Minnie Mouse themed kitchen essentials so they both could enjoy and customize to their liking.

3 || Wooden Barn– my kids are obsessed with all things farm related and since we cannot physically build a farm this year LOL- We figured this was a good compromise! Hope Mia doesn’t notice the difference haha! This four year old is exceptionally literal… elf on the shelf? – yeah, that doesn’t slide with her. “Mom, this one isn’t even real.. he’s not talking?” #momfail.

4 || Are you seeing a trend? wooden toys? We are all for it! Built to last! And exceptional quality. So, we picked out this little wooden garage for little man and his growing car collection thanks to dad!

5/8 || London Littles– probably, MY favorite items on the list this year.  The cutest little rain boots a pair for each kiddos and their prints are amazinnnngg and wait til you see how affordable these bad boys are! Thank me later! You’re welcome mamas!

6 || Retro Candy Land– Mia just turned 4 and she’s been really keen on games for us to join her in and thought this would be a great start for family tradition. Candy Land was one of my favorites as a kid and this retro series is just so cute!

7 || Nature Journal – You know I had to sneak in some learning fun. You may already know we are a homeschooling family and so grateful for the W + F community! This book with Kristen Rodgers work is always selling out and they just released an overflow batch. RUN!

8 || We do things out of order over here haha! But, incase you missed it! London Littles for the wiiiiiiin!

9 || Magformers – I know there is another similar brand which is quite pricey but I usually pick up this set and brand for half off on Amazon and they are GREAT! I cannot see how it can get any better honestly! This is something we already own and the kids ADORE!

10 || Wooden stroller – haha! I know, you guys aren’t surprised. I may need to open a wood toy shop at this rate. But, this was a request from Mia she said it is unacceptable for her “peoples” aka baby dolls to be without their essentials – stroller, bed, high-chair this girl asked for the works. Well, she’s getting the stroller. -_- This one in particular is pretty pricey, we once owned a 15 dollar one from Walmart it was great but it didn’t hold up long when she was younger so we figured we would invest something she can grow with since she’s entering the doll stage!

11 || M&D Band set – We picked this up for little man – I really have never seen a kid love music more than this guy! He finds a beat anywhere he goes. We figured we would help inspire his musical side and let him do his thing! You never know we may have a musician on our hands.

12 || Generation Doll– Guys, these are very similar to the American Dolls in my opinion but, it’s NOT going to break your bank- I am sure we will get there one day but, right now we think this is such a great alternative so we picked up this ballet set for our little ballerina! They have tons to choose from and I am so happy that Target continues to expand this line!

PS** NOTHING here is affiliate. So feel confident in clicking the links and the fact that we truly do love these items. I know as a reader the word can turn off some people. I am sharing these because I hope it helps someone find the perfect gift for their little one.


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