January 2, 2017

New Year: New Mom Goals!

Let me go ahead and apologize right now for the most cliche post of the year. I know there must be a ton of lists flooding the web with the usual goal setting aspirations. Truth is, I was never one to sit down and contemplate what ‘goals’ I wanted on New Years day. Sure, I set goals year round and most probably don’t get accomplished. But, this year has been so much more awakening for me as a mom, friend, wife and just a person in general. No doubt, being a mother is not always rainbows and unicorns… most times it’s tantrums, colds, staying in your sweat pants 3 days in a row (guilty, don’t judge me).

With that said, this year holds true ” New Year, New Me”. As a mom, I have let life get the best of me and instead of focusing on the now I feel like last year I kept wanting things to happen in the future but, I was not proactive on getting those steps done. If the kids got sick, I just went full force mom mode and neglected everything else that made me happy- including this blog. In reality, this blog is a major part of my sanity. This is a space where I can share my thoughts, my obstacles and meet new moms and know, it’s not just me going crazy.

My two main focuses for this year can be summed up in 2 words: Balance & Minimalism.

Here comes another old time phrase ” Out with the old, in with the new.” Literally, I just want out with everything that is holding me down. That includes the piles of baby clothes I continue to hoard, the endless target dollar spot impulse buys, and even my own clothes that I haven’t worn in years but, keep telling myself one day “I am going to need this shirt”. Truth is, I don’t need all these things and the moment I started downsizing all these material things, I instantly started to feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders.

So instead of a huge list of unrealistic demands this how I am hoping to do 2017 and hopefully this helps you and we can embark on this journey of another crazy year together!

  • Do what makes you happy: Easier said than done. I know, I know. For me this is focusing on my blog. For you, it might be taking an hour to just walk around outside and take in the fresh air. Don’t over think, just be.
  • Wake up early- schedules are a savior!: This might be the hardest one of them all. Lately, I have been dragingggg in the mornings and if we are out of coffee. Forget about it, that means we are making a serious Starbucks run! By allowing myself to wake up early, I can gain time to focus on me. For me, this will be squeezing in a workout.
  • Stop compulsive purchases: I feel like every time I am at an all time high of anxiety I just buy, buy, buy to fill the void. And if it’s anything that I learned in 2016 this only made me more anxious, more unnecessary items floating around and just more BILLS.
  • Stop comparing: Social media in my opinion is a blessing and a curse. I love the inspiration it gives me. For instance, I have countless pins on organization, birthday ideas, fashion styles etc. Then on the other hand, I have a plethora of things that I wish I had, wish I would of done or just plain envy. And envy, creeps up on the best of us. Sad, but true. So, if it’s anything I need to work on it’s being happy with what I have and with the blessings I was given because those blessings are unique to each and every one of us.
  • Lastly, be flexible: I need to stop kicking myself when the house isn’t spotless, or when I just didn’t have the energy or time to finish that load of laundry. We cannot do it all and sometimes, we need to be reminded that not doing 1000 things in 6 hours is OKAY.

Let me know what you mamas hope to accomplish this year! And I hope this list gave you some ideas and helped in some small way. You are not alone!

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