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January 2017

January 14, 2017

Week 1: How to Organize Your Kitchen

Good evening mamas!

If there is anything I hate more, it is that I started 2017 with a messy, messy house. And messy is the nicest word I could come up with because wreck, hurricane, disaster probably describes it better. In our home we do not have a “living area” per say. We have a kitchen that opens up to what would be our living/family room so we opted for doing a bar counter with bar stools and called it a day. The downside is- my counter ends up being the dumping grounds for literally EVERYTHING. When the kids fight over a toy and I come in the save or in their heads, ruin the day I take it away and it goes right on the counter along with my purse, keys, tupperware, bills and all sorts of random knick knacks.

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January 2, 2017

New Year: New Mom Goals!

Let me go ahead and apologize right now for the most cliche post of the year. I know there must be a ton of lists flooding the web with the usual goal setting aspirations. Truth is, I was never one to sit down and contemplate what ‘goals’ I wanted on New Years day. Sure, I set goals year round and most probably don’t get accomplished. But, this year has been so much more awakening for me as a mom, friend, wife and just a person in general. No doubt, being a mother is not always rainbows and unicorns… most times it’s tantrums, colds, staying in your sweat pants 3 days in a row (guilty, don’t judge me).

With that said, this year holds true ” New Year, New Me”. As a mom, I have let life get the best of me and instead of focusing on the now I feel like last year I kept wanting things to happen in the future but, I was not proactive on getting those steps done. If the kids got sick, I just went full force mom mode and neglected everything else that made me happy- including this blog. In reality, this blog is a major part of my sanity. This is a space where I can share my thoughts, my obstacles and meet new moms and know, it’s not just me going crazy.

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