October 17, 2016

Win a HUGE Cool Unique Watch Credit from JORD!

Hey there mamas!

If you noticed we recently received SUCH a beautiful watch piece from our friends over at Jord Wood Watches. If you haven’t checked them out PLEASE do so (There’s a link below with the watches eligible for the giveaway). As a mom, and a lover of all things fashion I am always on the lookout for seamless pieces that dress up an outfit with little to no effort. I have an array of watches ranging from the ever so popular Michael Kors and to the pricier options like Michelle. BUT, I am about to probably surprise you right now because these pieces, carefully crafted by Jord, are one of kind and made from WOOD… yes, WOOD. I’ve been addicted to the rustic feel lately and these watches are just GORGEOUS. At first glance, I thought to myself if these bad boys are made from wood they may be a bit heavy for everyday use. Why I thought this…. I have no idea. But, I kid you not, this is what had me skeptical. And for NO reason!!

We received our watch the day before leaving to Disney World so, you know I was ecstatic to add this to our trip and this allowed for the perfect test period since we’d be in Orlando for a week! The watch I decided to choose was the Frankie Series in Ebony & Gold.  If you’d like a lighter option, another favorite of mine is the Koa and Ash which offers a good contrast between the wood and dark face feature. If you’d like to see all the watches available for the giveaway click here ! 

Jord WoodWatch

The watch that I thought was going to be extremely heavy was actually quite the opposite…it has to be the most lightweight watch I own and I am not just saying that. Often times, with lightweight items, the quality tends to get compromised but, this is NOT the case. As a mom I am always on the go- which means I am usually caught in sweat pants, a cute watch, and the infamous mom bun on my head!  I have received SO many compliments on this watch that I cannot wait for one of you to get your hands on it. 

Jord was so kind to sponsor a giveaway that they are allowing my followers to received a $75 credit to their shop! YES $75!! RUN PEOPLE! This is NOT a drill! All you have to do is fill out the entry form. literally, THATS IT.


Here it is: Giveaway entry ! If you’d like some bonus points on my blog drop a comment down below with your favorite watch 😀 And for those who enter and don’t win, DONT WORRY, you’ll receive $20 credit FREE!


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  • Sierra

    Honestly love the one you got & your second favorite!! Great minds think alike?

    October 17, 2016 at 10:41 pm Reply
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