November 9, 2015


A sleeping toddler and a newborn is a WIN WIN and that means I can start a little post for today! Thank baby Jesus!  

Just a little background info: My daughter is now turning 2 years old and I did not breastfeed her for more than a week. I blame myself for being unprepared and overwhelmed to the life of motherhood. I had a really hard time adjusting between being clueless and postpartum depression which I will leave for another post because that in itself is VERY important to talk about. So by no means am I being a crazy advocator about breastfeeding because I’ve done both formula and now breast and at the end of the day it’s whatever works for you that’s important. A happy momma means a happy baby!

My second born is now a week shy of turning 2 months old and for me that is a GREAT accomplishment to still be breastfeeding considering my fail with my first.


Tip #1- is to invest in this little gem of a book: The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
I wish I had read this sooner because this literally put breastfeeding into perspective or me and most of my concerns were answered through this and the book is a REALLY easy read!

Tip#2: ‘breastfeeding on demand’ made NO sense to me with my first… I was so out of whack that I would ask questions like but, how do you know they are hungry or full? and I think because he is my second child that just came as a breeze but, basically… latch your baby on whenever you see him fussy or signs of hunger like hands in his mouth or twisting his head side to side. A good hint he is full is if continuously falls asleep right away once he latches on ( this is hard to decipher the first month so just latch him on as much as possible- this is the key to milk production!) but now that he’s 2 months I notice when he is just using me and although some are against pacifiers WE LOVE IT! Do not judge.

Tip#3- Mother’s Milk Tea – I bought this with my first and literally the same day I drank it my milk came pouring in… coincidence or not, I still live by this product and I can feel my milk come in minutes after drinking it. Try it for yourself! Thank me later 😉 or you can try the Yogi brand as well but, I preferred Mother’s Milk.

Tip #4 – Invest in a hands free pump bra to go along with the pump of your choice. I personally use the Medela Pump in Style Advance and it works great for us! The bra I use is the Simple Wishes. I looooooove this thing. PUMPING TIP: I exclusively breastfeed so, for me it’s just easier to latch him on since I am home with both kids. If this is you, what works for me is to pump after the morning feeding and freeze that to start building my stash. If you are going back to work, a good way to increase supply is to pump every two hours which also works great because I felt my supply dipping and I did this for two days and was back on track! And since we are talking about bras nursing bras for feedings are GREAT ! just unclip and BAM!

Tip#5- breastfeeding essentials- Lasinoh cream, nursing pads, a poppy & a cover! Literally make you SO comfortable for multiple reasons. The basics : cream saves your nipples that first week! And literally the first week was the “hardest” and right after that I didn’t feel a thing while breastfeeding… so if you’re in pain after two weeks you might want to consult someone who is skilled and knowledgable with breastfeeding. Nursing pads with also save you from looking like a leaking cow, as I  like to call it. And I LOVE the boppy… it puts baby at the perfect height and position so you are comfortable while nursing. Last but not least a cover for public nursing if you aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing. ( My husband is one of those so the cover comes with us everywhere – bobby makes a great one that folds up into a pouch! )

Tip #6: IF NOT ONE OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL- HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! I find that having a cute tumbler is a great motivation to drinking water throughout the day.

Tip #7 – Boosting treats! I will be posting a separate thread to our favorite Lactation Cookie recipe and how I prepare oatmeal on mornings where there are no more yummy cookies left or I am just in need of a break from all the sweetness.

         I want to keep this post short and sweet but, please leave comments below on any breastfeeding questions and I will be happy to answer what I can. I am in no way an expert but, I feel like we really got it together this time around and wish someone would’ve been there for all my questions sooner. The key this time for me was to think SIMPLE and just go with the flow. The less you overthink the easier things will go. <3


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