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October 2015

October 7, 2015


I bet you cannot even believe it! I am actually trying to juggle this new mom life of 2 babies, school and this blog which I love so much and never find the time to update. I must be coming down with the FLU or something! LOL! Thankfully, little Mia has been a sweet pea today and slept until 10 and my new babe whom will have a post of his own soon is also such a HAM! I hope this isn’t just new baby luck…#WINNING today!…. so far! Let’s not jinx it!
If you already caught my post previously you may have read about the amazing venture I found called Influenster. You can head over to or follow them on Instagram @influenster and see all the details along with my post of earlier featuring another fun product 😉 ! Let me start by saying this product I will be discussing was also sent FREE!! for testing purposes so believe me when I say you need to RUN over to their site and sign up. It cannot be any easier and trust me you’re going to love it. As a stay at home mom and mom of 2 under 2 it’s always hectic to try to stay on top of new products and Influenster helps you do that with ease and FREEEEE!
OKAY OKAY! DRUMROLL…. All my mommy followers are going to love this one!


Let me start by saying… HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE ARE THESE?! so I guess it’s obvi the designs got EVEN cuter! We have been Pampers fans since little Mia was born. I was one of those crazies who always wanted to best of the best for my baby so I tried everything out with Mia not just because we spoiled her being as though she was our first but, because I HAD NO CLUE what to do as a first time mom. Many of our favorite products have turned up from a trial and error process and Pampers has never let us down. It is still what we use today with her. WHY?

Well heres two reasons that make or break a diaper deal for me:

1. NO LEAKS- I CANNOT stress enough what a major factor this is for us. Having your baby wake upset because their bed is wet is no fun and then trying to get them to go back to sleep. You just don’t want that situation. TRUST ME! These new Cruisers have Extra Absorb Channels which help to prevent that sag we see in some diapers when they get heavy.
2. TEXTURE- Pampers swaddlers was the first one we tried and our hospital actually uses these and we couldn’t believe how good the fit and feel were on these bad boys compared to a generic brand we had stashed in my baby bag.As Mia got bigger we switched over to the Cruisers and have not been disappointed. So, I had high expectations for these all New Cruisers! And…. I was ECSTATIC and can TRUTHFULLY vouch this product is just as good as the previous and BETTER. We already were hooked on the original cruisers and these new ones passed the night test.
What’s the night test?
Hubby is the spoiler of our little princess and I am the enforcer. Mia has always slept in her crib by herself in her own room and the paci was removed when she turned one along with no more bottles and sippy cups were introduced. Well the bottle idea went down the drain when Hubby decided she was “still so cute and such a baby” and should have milk at night -__- Now Mia is hooked and this means HEAVY diapers in the AM!
THE POINT: The NEW CRUISERS live up to the #SAGTOSWAG HYPE. NO LEAKS! You have to try it for yourself and PLEASEEEEE head over to influester and SIGN UP! ITS TOTALLY FREE and no I am not getting paid for any of this. Just a mommy suggestion <3
Until  we meet again,