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September 2015

September 10, 2015


I know it has been ages since I have updated the blog but, I have to get to it and what better way then introducing some products and reviews for some inspiration. Let me start by saying if you aren’t familiar with you need to RUN to your computer or smartphone and sign up! It’s easy as 1..2..3! and FREE… YES! FREE. Okay, so what is it? Basically, you take surveys every now and then and the company matches you with products that are related to your interests and sends you a box filled with products for FREE to try and review. Sounds too good to be true, right? I KNOW! I was skeptical at first too but, after my first box I was hooked and I’ve been lucky enough to be sent two boxes so far and I am so excited for what’s to come from the company. It is truly an amazing opportunity and allows you to become familiar with new products before having to dish out the money and possibly not enjoying them.


If you haven’t guessed from the picture above first company and product under review is TASTYKAKE minis… umm can you say YUMMM! And let me start by saying I didn’t even know such great food products were part of Influenster. When this box arrived at my door… hubby was so excited to see the label and said ” YOU ORDERED CUPCAKES?!” and I literally died because I spend half the day telling him I shouldn’t be eating sweets while I am pregnant but, who am I kidding!? THESE ARE AMAZING! Another great perk was that not only did it bring a pack of cupcakes…. it brought 8 PACKS OF 3! 24 CUPCAKES! You can already guess that both hubby and Mia were ecstatic!

Our mini win celebration is obviously for baby brothers arrival this week :O! AM I READY FOR THE CHAOS?! NO! LOL! But, a party is still in order! and what better way then with tastykake cupcakes! Our new go to!
The cupcakes I received are called ” Swirly Cupcakes” and are basically chocolate made with HERSHEY’S COCOA with creme filling and icing ugh.. my mouth is watering just at the thought. These are definitely added to our shopping list up on the fridge for this weekend! SO! Not only are you getting my stamp of approval but 20 month old Mia is a total fan and hubby is completely converted for these bad boys! LOL. Influenster was also nice enough to include 2 coupons for $1 off each so if you are interested please leave a comment below or on the instagram post so I can get them out to you lovely followers <3! Everyone needs to try these out! Make sure to check them out via Facebook & instagram 😀 show them some love!