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February 2015

February 8, 2015


Good morning mommas!

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus after I promised to stay fully committed to my blog…but, some changes are going on in our family to say the least! If you can’t guess already well… Little Mia is going to be a BIG sister! I can’t even believe it myself I feel like I’m in pure denial mode right now. If it weren’t for the constant nausea I wouldn’t believe it at all. But, yes it is true. We found out a few weeks ago around the time I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really jump on the idea of being pregnant because after having my daughter that time of the month wasn’t always so punctual. And yes along with the shock I am terrified and happy all at the same time. The idea of having two babies under two just really FREAKS me out. My husband is ecstatic ! LOL I guess thats because he won’t be the one putting on the weight or home 24/7 with babies running around. Just before the baby news came along I had just finished enrolling back in school for my masters degree so I am really hoping I can take care of a toddler who thinks she’s already two, be pregnant, go to school and keep it all together. And because I love a QUICK DIY and photoshoot we decided to incorporate them into our baby announcement…


Because it was right around the end of Jan and beginning of Feb we decided on a Valentine themed shoot to give me enough time to visit the doctor and confirm everything before sending out the cards to our family. So, we constructed a quick 30 min build of a kissing booth for Mia to pose with.
Materials: The bottom crate I found at Michaels and used a 50 percent off I believe it was around $5-$7
The two sticks on the side are also from Michaels for about $1 a piece & the white thin wooden board at the stop is also from Michaels for about $2 and we just stapled it side ways.

The red lips and XO sign were from the Target $1 bins and came in a pack of about 20 for just a dollar!
After putting everything together we just painted it with some white left over paint we had and a red paint can from when my husband lived on his own and had a grey and red painted room. (LOL)
If you are familiar with our DIY holiday card you already know how much I love the Minted quality and ease of creating all sorts of cards for every occasion.