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December 5, 2014


Good morning!
Another morning of which I have some time to put together a little something for you ladies and possibly for your little girls. [Sorry mommas I haven’t been blessed with a little boy yet but, if it happens you already know to expect a bunch of baby spam ootd featuring boy outfits!] We’re working on it! 😉
If you read this weeks post you make have seen how we DIY’d our Christmas Cards this year. We were under a bit of a time crunch but, make sure to check it out it’s super EASY and will look like a professional actually help you put it together! And the DIY is very versatile for any occasion.

As for our outfits here you go! Simplicity is my speciality most of the time. I’m sure you moms understand me when I say that it feels like there is virtually no time in the day to think about outfit planning but, I promise you a few simple pieces can make a difference and help you feel like the glamorous super mom that you are!

7981655_orig 269152_orig 4940277_orig

TOP: f21 white flowy tank
with faux fur vest from Target
Bottoms: Aeropostale boyfriend jeans
Shoes: Tory Burch Flats
Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull
And of course you know I can’t forget my little babe!
TOP: faux fur vest from Target
Cherokee Dress from Target
Bottom: Cherokee jeans from Target
Boots: Target
As you can see we are BIG possibly, HUGE fans of Target! There is NO WAY to walk into that store and leave with nothing! I’ve tried! REAL HARD!
with love XO- MBG!
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December 1, 2014



I am quite ecstatic to say  that my little girl has been on her best behavior for me this week and is actually letting me get all my thoughts and ideas out in the open. Now, because our lives are USUALLY hectic and not this serene LOL we hardly ever have time to do the things we really want to do. That being said we just have settled into our new home and there is still 100 projects lurking and my hubby is always working so hectic is our norm. But, we knew we had to make time to at least get a family photo in! In our past trials we had a photographer whom we would have photograph our daughter but, it was always an issue or scheduling and missing our daughters important milestones because our photographer was either too busy or we just couldn’t catch up to their schedule. SOOOO… My husband and I took it upon ourselves to do a little DIY and we have had our T3i camera just sitting around and really I think it is because we are a little overwhelmed with knowing how to use it and not look like fools.

Well, fools or not we picked up our T3i and headed off to the park on a Sunday morning and got as spiffy as we could in an hour and off we went!

What we brought along:

  • throw blanket
  • ornaments
  • a tripod
  • the camera
  • and OURSELVES 😀

THE GOOD PART: This is how one of our photos turned out!


As you can see our little Mia wasn’t too fond of looking at the camera so we did a little improv! And these are a few more we ended up with…

And finally,
This is what we chose because we are cheesy like that and full of love!
So, after we got the tripod situated and tested a few shots and went and uploaded our picture onto and played around with a few designs. If you still haven’t done your cards take a look at their site… right now they have a 15% plus free addressing onto the envelopes using code JOY15!