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April 22, 2017

Easy Toddler Haircut at Home with ANDIS

If you are like me, you dread when the time comes around to cut your kid’s hair. For this reason I am sharing an easy toddler haircut. I dread it so much that my daughter has yet to have a haircut. Deep inside I am actually completely content with her ever growing long locks. My son on the other hand, when his hair grows out… it GROWS and all over the place. He has had two hair cuts in his 19 months of life.

The first was mandatory because the kid was balding as a newborn at the back of his head LOL. The second was at Magic Kingdom because HELLO! How many people can say they’ve had their haircut by Mickey’s finest!

He is handsome regardless what style he is rocking but, I have always enjoyed the idea of having a longer length on him.

The long length we eventually reached didn’t last long. I was done styling a comb over and I really wanted to try my hand at learning to save myself the time and trouble of taking him to the barber.

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April 16, 2017

Fun Toddler Sleep Solution

If you are a mom with a toddler who wakes up more often than you’d like in the middle of the night you are not alone. Lately, Mia has resorted to showing up standing next to my bedside balling in tears. And when I say lately, I mean the past few weeks. I know you are with me when I say “Mama needs her beauty sleep”. Now, do not get me wrong. Mia is a great sleeper but, I am almost positive she is having nightmares and does not know how to tell me. If you remember, a few months back we received the most precious book about helping your toddler getting into a routine for bed time. That was literally a God sent for us!

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April 10, 2017

Easter Gift Guide for Toddlers


Happy Monday Mamas!

As we know Easter is right around the corner. I wanted to go ahead and share our picks for this year’s Easter baskets.  And perhaps some recommendations if you were trying to stay away from the loads of candy filled eggs that we all grew up with. LOL ( I am trying to get on a little weight loss journey so, I am taking all necessary precautions… Just kidding, give me all the chocolate bunnies!)

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February 20, 2017

Easy Baby and Toddler Meals: Amara Baby Food

Hey Mamas!

We are finally back again and feeling better than EVER. I had a few weeks with a trip to urgent care and just feeling not myself at all.

I am feeling like we are finally getting a hold of things around our hectic household and February is looking oh so promising! Love is still very much in the air over here and lately, I am so proud of both my kids.  Being able to watch them grow each day has been such a blessing in my life.

We recently stumbled upon Amara Organic Baby Food. Believe me when I tell you that this has been such a blessing and I already have a pending order thanks to Amazon.


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January 14, 2017

Week 1: How to Organize Your Kitchen

Good evening mamas!

If there is anything I hate more, it is that I started 2017 with a messy, messy house. And messy is the nicest word I could come up with because wreck, hurricane, disaster probably describes it better. In our home we do not have a “living area” per say. We have a kitchen that opens up to what would be our living/family room so we opted for doing a bar counter with bar stools and called it a day. The downside is- my counter ends up being the dumping grounds for literally EVERYTHING. When the kids fight over a toy and I come in the save or in their heads, ruin the day I take it away and it goes right on the counter along with my purse, keys, tupperware, bills and all sorts of random knick knacks.

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January 2, 2017

New Year: New Mom Goals!

Let me go ahead and apologize right now for the most cliche post of the year. I know there must be a ton of lists flooding the web with the usual goal setting aspirations. Truth is, I was never one to sit down and contemplate what ‘goals’ I wanted on New Years day. Sure, I set goals year round and most probably don’t get accomplished. But, this year has been so much more awakening for me as a mom, friend, wife and just a person in general. No doubt, being a mother is not always rainbows and unicorns… most times it’s tantrums, colds, staying in your sweat pants 3 days in a row (guilty, don’t judge me).

With that said, this year holds true ” New Year, New Me”. As a mom, I have let life get the best of me and instead of focusing on the now I feel like last year I kept wanting things to happen in the future but, I was not proactive on getting those steps done. If the kids got sick, I just went full force mom mode and neglected everything else that made me happy- including this blog. In reality, this blog is a major part of my sanity. This is a space where I can share my thoughts, my obstacles and meet new moms and know, it’s not just me going crazy.

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October 17, 2016

Win a HUGE Cool Unique Watch Credit from JORD!

Hey there mamas!

If you noticed we recently received SUCH a beautiful watch piece from our friends over at Jord Wood Watches. If you haven’t checked them out PLEASE do so (There’s a link below with the watches eligible for the giveaway). As a mom, and a lover of all things fashion I am always on the lookout for seamless pieces that dress up an outfit with little to no effort. I have an array of watches ranging from the ever so popular Michael Kors and to the pricier options like Michelle. BUT, I am about to probably surprise you right now because these pieces, carefully crafted by Jord, are one of kind and made from WOOD… yes, WOOD. I’ve been addicted to the rustic feel lately and these watches are just GORGEOUS. At first glance, I thought to myself if these bad boys are made from wood they may be a bit heavy for everyday use. Why I thought this…. I have no idea. But, I kid you not, this is what had me skeptical. And for NO reason!! Read more

September 6, 2016

*Giveaway Closed* | A Fun Toddler Sleep Trouble Solution | feat. WHOO Is Ready For Bed!

Hey Mommas!

It’s been a crazy month with back to school and we are soaking up every bit of the weekend as possible! As you may have seen, our daughter just started Prek2 and it has been a whirl wind of emotions for us all. Surprisingly, she has adjusted great and there were no tears shed except for my own the first day of school. LOL! But, it has not been all rainbows and cupcakes. My daughter has always been what you call little Miss Independent (takes after her momma… or so I like to say!) When school started we noticed although she does great in class and is excited every morning…. her sleep patterns have been INSANE! And when I say insane I mean random wakings in the middle of the night followed by SCREAMING “MAMIIIII GET ME OUT” AKA… Put me in your bed.

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August 31, 2016

| Why We’ve Been MIA |


We have been on a major hiatus lately and I am so sorry. I feel like I totally let life get the best of me and fell off the wagon. We’ve had a ton of obstacles and it felt like everything I was trying to set in motion was being neglected and left behind. For a little example, TODAY we finally got the site back and up and running. It seems as though something went wrong with our hosting server and I came to log on to load the page with content and launch our new design and VOILA! my page was EMPTY. Literally, I had a ‘welcome to your new site’ and ‘sample page’ flash across the screen. Needless to say I was in complete PANIC and dismay. After weeks of chat support and endless voice messages I finally got ahold of someone who was able to take the time and help me recover this bad boy.

I just wanted to give y’all a little update where we are at in life and what you can expect from us here at MBGblog! We officially got our oldest into PreK-2 and have settled into a routine where mom can have her much needed alone time and enough time to spare to spend cuddling with my babes.

Thank you for your patience with me and be sure to follow our instagram @MBGblog for exciting news, collaborations and giveaways!


November 9, 2015


A sleeping toddler and a newborn is a WIN WIN and that means I can start a little post for today! Thank baby Jesus!  

Just a little background info: My daughter is now turning 2 years old and I did not breastfeed her for more than a week. I blame myself for being unprepared and overwhelmed to the life of motherhood. I had a really hard time adjusting between being clueless and postpartum depression which I will leave for another post because that in itself is VERY important to talk about. So by no means am I being a crazy advocator about breastfeeding because I’ve done both formula and now breast and at the end of the day it’s whatever works for you that’s important. A happy momma means a happy baby!

My second born is now a week shy of turning 2 months old and for me that is a GREAT accomplishment to still be breastfeeding considering my fail with my first.


Tip #1- is to invest in this little gem of a book: The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
I wish I had read this sooner because this literally put breastfeeding into perspective or me and most of my concerns were answered through this and the book is a REALLY easy read!

Tip#2: ‘breastfeeding on demand’ made NO sense to me with my first… I was so out of whack that I would ask questions like but, how do you know they are hungry or full? and I think because he is my second child that just came as a breeze but, basically… latch your baby on whenever you see him fussy or signs of hunger like hands in his mouth or twisting his head side to side. A good hint he is full is if continuously falls asleep right away once he latches on ( this is hard to decipher the first month so just latch him on as much as possible- this is the key to milk production!) but now that he’s 2 months I notice when he is just using me and although some are against pacifiers WE LOVE IT! Do not judge.

Tip#3- Mother’s Milk Tea – I bought this with my first and literally the same day I drank it my milk came pouring in… coincidence or not, I still live by this product and I can feel my milk come in minutes after drinking it. Try it for yourself! Thank me later 😉 or you can try the Yogi brand as well but, I preferred Mother’s Milk.

Tip #4 – Invest in a hands free pump bra to go along with the pump of your choice. I personally use the Medela Pump in Style Advance and it works great for us! The bra I use is the Simple Wishes. I looooooove this thing. PUMPING TIP: I exclusively breastfeed so, for me it’s just easier to latch him on since I am home with both kids. If this is you, what works for me is to pump after the morning feeding and freeze that to start building my stash. If you are going back to work, a good way to increase supply is to pump every two hours which also works great because I felt my supply dipping and I did this for two days and was back on track! And since we are talking about bras nursing bras for feedings are GREAT ! just unclip and BAM!

Tip#5- breastfeeding essentials- Lasinoh cream, nursing pads, a poppy & a cover! Literally make you SO comfortable for multiple reasons. The basics : cream saves your nipples that first week! And literally the first week was the “hardest” and right after that I didn’t feel a thing while breastfeeding… so if you’re in pain after two weeks you might want to consult someone who is skilled and knowledgable with breastfeeding. Nursing pads with also save you from looking like a leaking cow, as I  like to call it. And I LOVE the boppy… it puts baby at the perfect height and position so you are comfortable while nursing. Last but not least a cover for public nursing if you aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing. ( My husband is one of those so the cover comes with us everywhere – bobby makes a great one that folds up into a pouch! )

Tip #6: IF NOT ONE OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL- HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! I find that having a cute tumbler is a great motivation to drinking water throughout the day.

Tip #7 – Boosting treats! I will be posting a separate thread to our favorite Lactation Cookie recipe and how I prepare oatmeal on mornings where there are no more yummy cookies left or I am just in need of a break from all the sweetness.

         I want to keep this post short and sweet but, please leave comments below on any breastfeeding questions and I will be happy to answer what I can. I am in no way an expert but, I feel like we really got it together this time around and wish someone would’ve been there for all my questions sooner. The key this time for me was to think SIMPLE and just go with the flow. The less you overthink the easier things will go. <3


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